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On the fourth Saturday of July, nation-wide, America recognises the stoic, hardworking symbol of the West - The cowboy. 

However for us here at Ringers Western, we see the way of the cowboy to be intertwined with both the Australian and American spirit. It's the lifestyle earnt through hard work, loyalty, discipline and most importantly, a big heart. 

In appreciation, we've decided to share the stories of cowboys that we've had the privilege working with in both America and home in Australia. 



As cowboy as they come, this father-son duo are some of America's finest horsemen, residing in Bluff Dale, Texas at at their very own 'Double Horn Ranch'. 

Craig was born and raised in Texas, working on the family ranch as a youngster riding bulls in the PRCA, to becoming a world-renowned horseman and horse trainer. His achievements are recognised in the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Hero’s Hall of Fame and withholds two Silver Telly Awards. 

Cole has followed in his father footsteps, continuing to live out the cowboy legacy through his hard-work and incredible horsemanship. Both academically and athletically gifted, Cole attended university on a football scholarship completing his graduate in agriculture, where he later returned to complete his honours while on a rodeo scholarship. 


Cole is wearing the Benson Dress Shirt in Tawny Brown - $75.00

Cole and Craig both featured on an episode of Dale Brisby's Netflix series 'How To Be A Cowboy', and has since been involved in a new Netflix original film called 'Ride' which is currently in the filming stages of production - featuring Yellowstone's very own Forrie J Smith. 

However, they are far from Hollywood cowboys. In late March, Cole was selected to compete in the 'Road to the Horse', where he was paired with 6666's chestnut colt, 'King Country Pick' and took home the title of reserve world champion! 

Road to the Horse is one of the most infamous colt-starting competitions. Held across three days, each trainer is given an unbroken 3-year-old colt, which they must train over the three days. Both the boys have competed and won this competition. 

Aside from competing, both Cole and Craig share their wisdom by travelling interstate and internationally to hold horsemanships clinics. 



Taking advantage of the his ability to entertain and thrill audiences with his talent and natural horsemanship, Dan alongside friend Dan James co-own, 'Double Dan Horsemanship', which has become a successful business of entertainment, competition and education. 

Dan is passionate about educating others on successful horsemanship - sharing his wisdom on a global scale.

Aside from this, Dan is often competing in camp drafting across Australia. 



Grant is wearing the Ashwell Overshirt in Tawny Brown - $95.00

In May of 2022, members of our marketing team travelled to America to shoot at the infamous Diamond Cross Ranch, to celebrate the launch of our USA website.  

The team were lucky enough to spend a day with internationally recognised cowboy, Grant Golliher.

At a ripe age of 64, Grant continues to own and run DCR amongst other things like writing his very own book "Think Like a Horse". Grant has spent his life dedicated to helping troubled horses, something that only a very special type of person can do. Grant is full of wisdom, making him a true legend of the cowboy craft. 



 Mark is wearing the King River Full Button Long Sleeve Work Shirt in White/Navy - $45.00

Otherwise known as 'The King Of The Cut' or 'Buttsy', Mark Buttswoth is one of the world's most recognised camp drafting legend. 

Residing in the central Queensland town of Kingaroy, Buttsy has dedicated his life to exceling in the campdrafting field as both an effective trainer and competitor. 


Buttsy has proven that horsemanship is not just a gift, it takes ambition and drive - and that with these qualities, anything is possible - a mindset which  has enabled him to become one of the most elite camp drafting athletes and trainers of all time. 




She may look like a western Barbie, but she's probably more cowboy than all of us. 

Aside from working at her family ranches in Colorado and Texas, Catherine is often modelling and competing in Breakaway roping. 


Cat is wearing the Maverick Dress Shirt in Wood - $75

In early June, the team had the pleasure of visiting Catherine and her family at their ranch in Colorado for a few days. An incredible piece of America, with miles of mountains which Catherine often ventures off to for consecutive days and nights at a time to hunt. 


Madeline, or who we like to refer to as 'Pony Boy', is a passionate horse-woman from Australia's sunshine state, QLD. 

Growing up on a cattle station in Pittsworth, Madeline takes pride in her way of life, sharing her appreciation all over the world. Joining the marketing team on their ventures to the US for a few stops, Madeline added great value to the trip. 


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