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The ultimate destination for authentic country work shirts. 

Are you looking to embrace your country-inspired lifestyle to the fullest? Look no further than Ringers Western, your go-to destination for high-quality work shirts designed to withstand the toughest challenges farm life has to offer. Whether you’re a hard-working blue-collar enthusiast or simply someone who loves everything country, our range of mens, womens and kids work shirts will have you looking the part and feeling the comfort of genuine craftsmanship. 

Here at Ringers Western, we pride ourselves on quality, durability and comfort. From day one, our work shirts have been put through the wringer to ensure that this is precisely what we deliver - setting the standard in today’s market. Our mens work shirts, womens work shirts and kids work shirts are designed to reflect the core values of hard work, resilience and a deep connection the the Australian way of life. 

Men's Work Shirts

Our mens work shirts are a testament to the rugged spirit of the Australian bush. Crafted with care and precision, these shirts are perfect for our blue-collar workers who value both style and durability. Whether you’re in the yards or enjoying a weekend fishing adventure, our mens long sleeve work shirts are the ideal choice. Made from premium cotton, they are as comfortable as they are hard-wearing. 

Women's Work Shirts

Ladies it's time to embrace the country look with our range of womens work shirts. Our long sleeve shirts combine fashion with function. Whether you’re wrangling cattle or chilling by the campfire, our work shirts will keep you comfortable and stylish. Explore the beauty of our half-button work shirts designed for those who appreciate quality and comfort. 

Kids Work Shirts

Instil the values of hard work and dedication into the next generation with our kids work shirt range. Something for the whole family, the kids versions of our King River and Pentecost River work shirts are perfect for the budding country enthusiasts. Let your little ones feel a part of the family as they join you on your adventures in their very own Ringers Western work shirts

Country Work Shirts

Our work shirts are more than just clothing; they're a statement. They reflect the deep-rooted connection to our country's way of life. Whether you're a city slicker with a love for the bush or a rural resident proud of your roots, our shirts are designed for you. With classic designs and rugged durability, our long sleeve work shirts are an embodiment of Australian authenticity.

Our cotton work shirts are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality. We understand that your work shirts should be as hardworking as you are, and that's exactly what you'll find in our range. 

A look that speaks volumes. 

Our half-button work shirts are not just functional; they are stylish too. We understand that for some of you, looking the part is just as important as getting the job done. Ensure you stand out in every crowd with a Signature Jillaroo and Hawkeye embroidered work shirt. Whether you're at a rodeo, a country music festival, or a local pub, you'll be turning heads in Ringers Western attire.

Embrace the Ringers Western Lifestyle

When you choose Ringers Western, you are supporting a business built on hard yakka, authenticity and premium quality products. Our customers trust us to provide them with gear that defines their lifestyle. We take pride in being a brand that embodies the values of high quality, hard work and premium products. 

Our products are available online, where you can browse our extensive range of products including mens, womens and kids work shirts. Half-button, full-button or sleeveless, we have you covered. 

Ringers Western is more than just a brand; it's a lifestyle. Our range of work shirts embodies the values of hard work and has a deep connection to Australia. Whether you’re a blue-collar worker, a country music lover or simply someone who appreciates quality, our work shirts are designed for you. Embrace the Ringers Western way of life and experience the difference today.

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